CM2000 Vest
Cooling Insert Panels

The AirVest Body Cooling Vest

We recommend the AirVest™ body cooling vest first among all other cooling methods for industrial applications such as welding, painting, or sandblasting. The new silver fabric AirVest™ is fire and flame retardant and utilizes standard compressed air to adequately cool personnel in places where traditional air conditioning is not feasible.

The ambient air temperature is dropped 20F by the vest, with 90F into the air vest and 70F out to the wearer. Operators can tee off their paint spray airline or tape an airline to their welding cable to stay comfortable all day. This vest can be used with the AirChaps™ to provide full body cooling in truly extreme conditions.

Get the auxiliary AirChaps™ for intense heat conditions. When paired with our leggings, it doubles the surface area of your body being cooled.

The air cooling vest connects to any existing compressed air source – merely put the vest on, drop an airline from the ceiling or put a tee on your current airline tool, and you are ready to go!

This body cooling vest works by two patented methods to cool personnel. Air is drawn in by a compressor where the air that was heated by the compressions, much like a diesel engine, then cools in the storage tank and is dehumidified. The now ambient temperature air flows to the air cooling vest where tuned ports in the vest expel the air, dropping the pressure and temperature. Personnel are covered in cool, dry air exiting from the vest. The ports in the air vest are not precisely perpendicular to the body with the effect of creating a circular flow of dry, cooled air around the body. This effectively provides significant cooling to the body.

Features of the AirVest™:

  • It drops ambient air temperature by 20F
  • 90F air is drawn in by the compressor, and 70F air flows from the vest
  • Very lightweight, weighing only one pound
  • Fire retardant and durable to protect from abrasion
  • Low air consumption at 5.5 CFM average consumption
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Can be paired with the AirChaps™ for extreme heat conditions
  • American made and satisfaction guaranteed