Cooling Vests - Comfortable Body Cooling in 5 Different Models

Stay in Compliance with OSHA Mandates

Non-compliance with OSHA’s mandates for heat exposure is an absolute liability issue for any company. OSHA compliance is viewed as overly strict by many people, but the liability issue remains. A worker performing light work such as typing in temperatures of 87 degrees Fahrenheit must have a documented work break of fifteen minutes for every hour they work (see the table below). This seems unnecessary, but each year more people in the United States die from heat than from hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes combined. The case is often listed as a heart attack.

In many industrial, military, and emergency settings, cooling off an entire structure is either impossible, cost-prohibitive or both. Our cooling safety vest technology allows for the worker to be cooled directly while remaining in an extreme environment for substantially longer periods of time. See our product descriptions for a solution to your cooling problem.

Material Safety Data Sheets available:

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OSHA Heat Exposure Chart:

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