Purchase a set of four inserts for your cooling safety vest. For durability and economic purposes, our inserts are shipped DryPack and should be hydrated before use. Cooling vests are designed to be used with multiple layers of inserts, so keep cool with an extra set at all times.

Our cooling vest and leggings come with four inserts and can accommodate up to 8 using a double layer. The inserts for our body cooling products can be charged over and over in a freezer and will layer into the vest when you need to extend your cooling time. We recommend these inserts for the CM2000 and HeatShield IIcooling vests and leggings. 

Additional Layers Extend Your Cooling Time

We recommend an aluminum rack for your freezer as well as the inserts

In extreme heat, the panels will cool you in two different ways:

  • First, a phase shift of the cells is charged in a freezer
  • Second, a patent-pending evaporative phase shifts onto the surface

Save on shipping and protect your vest with our DryPack shipping. Our team can also hydrate your vest for you if you would prefer. Hydration is fast and easy. Click here to learn more.