The CM2000 is our must rugged cooling safety vestwith virtually rip and mildew proof mesh material. It is well suited to provide comfort in the most demanding industrial environment. The CM2000laces up the sides and will fit up to a 52-inch chest. The body cooling vest comes with one layer of quilted cooling inserts which provide about two hours of cooling. Adding another cooling layer, which will Velcro on top of the first, will extend the cooling period to over four hours. Extra layers for this cooling vest are available in our accessories section.

Features of the CM2000 Cooling Vest:

  • Four hours of cooling with two layers of cooling inserts
  • The CM2000 cooling vest is rugged, rip, and mildew proof
  • This vest is easy to clean – remove the cooling layers and hose off the mesh construction
  • This vest is lightweight, weighing only 3.8 pounds
  • Lace-up sides for a perfect fit
  • Can be paired with our cooling leggings in accessories for temperatures over 100F

Climatech Safety’s cooling leggings are designed to be used with the HeatShield II and CM2000cooling vests. These leggings are meant to be worn over regular pants and will double the heat protection of any cooling vest. The patent-pending body cooling clothing comes with four multi-poly phase Mylar cooling inserts. These inserts fit into the leggings to protect the lower body.

Our independent testing has shown that a substantial amount of heat is absorbed through the lower body, especially when sitting or kneeling on hot floors. Our cooling leggings are an essential accessory for hot working conditions. The adjustable waist and legs ensure a perfect fit for most people.

For more information on all of our body cooling products, reach out to Climatech Safety today. We understand how essential it is to stay cool during harsh working conditions and we offer a variety of products for painters, welders, sandblasters, construction workers, and more.


Vest & Leggings (Save $59.95 over buying separately)