Cooling Vests - Comfortable Body Cooling in 5 Different Models

Charge your vest in your own Freezer

Moran MiniRack RapidFreeze

Makes the use of an ordinary freezer both efficient and easy

MiniRackThe 12 by 15 by 10 inch high all aluminum rack is designed to fit into an existing freezer and rapidly charge twelve cooling panel inserts in 3.5 hours in most freezers. The aluminum conducts heat away from the inserts to speed the charging process. The rack holds enough panels for three HeatShield or Cm2000 vests or use them to replace expended panels in one vest. Most freezers can fit two racks. Consider an insulated case to transport your inserts. Comes with two sets of inserts (8 panels)

*Buy the MiniRack with two additional insert sets (8 panels) or just the rack

Rack and two sets of inserts.



Rapid FreezeRack $265

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