The AirGloves Body Cooling Products

Handle Truly Hot Parts with our Thin AirGloves

When you’re in need of cooling gear for construction workers or welders, Climatech Safety has everything you need. The AirGloves are meant to be worn under high-temperature gloves and will directly cool the glove and hands with standard shop air. These gloves will drop the temperature of the air entering the glove by 20 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly extending the life of the outer glove.

The soft, flexible tubing of the AirGloves delivers the air while a belt clip regulator controls the air flow. You can use standard shop air or virtually any compressor with our gloves and any other air-powered body cooling products. Just put the gloves on under any suitable glove and handle hot parts all day in comfort! The AirGloves will continuously douse your hands with cool air. Shop all of our body cooling clothing today at Climatech Safety.

Features of the AirGloves:

  • Thin fit for use with outer gloves
  • Extends the life of outer gloves with a patented design to keep hands cool and dry
  • Improves dexterity
  • Silent operation
  • Powerful cooling functionality if needed for extreme environments
  • Durable and flame retardant for harsh environments (USDC 191-53)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

AirGloves $179.95

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