The Cooling Collar from Climatech Safety

Substantial Cooling in a Small Package

Cooling CollarCooling CollarAt Climatech Safety, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional body cooling products for those working in extreme conditions. Our washable cooling collar comes with a eutectic gel insert and is designed to be loosely tied around the neck. The double-layer fabric on one side allows the use of regular ice and inserts in very hot conditions.

This cooling collar is recommended for those participating in active sports or heavy construction. Keeping your neck cool can make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort level in hot conditions, and we guarantee you will love working with this collar. We recommend pairing this piece of body cooling clothing with the HeatShield II or CM2000 vest.

With the body cooling products from Climatech Safety, you will stay more comfortable. Order our cooling collar online today to stay cool during sports, work, or other high-temperature activities.

Cooling Collar $16.95

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