Aluminum Freezer Rack for Body Cooling Products

Aluminum Freezer Racks for our FiveMan Freezer

Aluminum Freezer RackThe aluminum freezer rack is perfect for our body cooling products. With its ability to hold up to ten of our cooling vests, you can ensure the whole team is able to work in hot conditions all day long. Never go without your cooling safety vest again with our additional freezer racks.

A cooling vest is a necessary piece of equipment when you are working in high temperatures. At Climatech Safety, we offer a variety of body cooling products to help keep you cool on the job, in the garden, or during rigorous athletic activity.

By purchasing an aluminum freezer rack for your FiveMan freezer, you can ensure all of your employees are able to stay cool with our vests. For more information on our racks or the entire freezer unit, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. Shop all of our exceptional products today!

Aluminum Freezer Racks $299.00 – BACK ORDERED

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