Use the AirChaps with our Air Cooling Vest

Double the Cooling Effectiveness of the AirVest System

The AirChaps patented cooling leggings are part of the AirVest system and are generally used to accompany the air cooling vest in extreme heat environments. Pairing the AirChaps with the AirVest will more than double the cooling effectiveness of the vest alone, allowing you to work comfortably whether you’re a painter, sandblaster, or welder.

All of our products are American-made, which means your satisfaction is guaranteed. Keeping your body cool during high-temperature work is essential to your health and productivity. With the body cooling products from Climatech Safety, you will be able to get the job done and beat the heat all day long.

The AirChaps operate on standard compressed air, making it easy to find relief in the workplace. These cooling leggings weigh less than two pounds, are fire retardant, and one size will fit most people. The chaps will connect directly into the AirVest cooling vest, providing full-body comfort when working in harsh conditions. Call us today to order both the AirVest and AirChaps or to inquire about any of our other body cooling products.AirChaps

AirChaps $289.95

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